White' MXT MAX 15" search coil

White's MXT Max 15" coil 15 kHz MXT and DFX Specifically for use with MXT, MXT Pro, DFX. Designed for larger metal items, relics..


White's 4"x6" DD Coil Cover

White's 4"x6" Coil Cover Cover to fit the 4x6 DD coil..


White's 4"x6" DD Eclipse Shooter Coil

White's 4"x6" DD Eclipse coil   Eclipse Shooter Elliptical 4x6 inch "DD" design provides superior performance in extre..


White's 5.3 Coil Cover

White's 5.3 Coil Cover Cover to fit the 5.3 Eclipse coil..


White's 5.3 Eclipse Coil

White's 5.3 Eclipse Coil The Eclipse 5.3 (6x6) Search Coil provides better separation between targets in moderate to high trash are..


White's 6"x10" Elliptical Coil Cover

White's 6"x10" Eliptical Coil Cover Coil cover fits GMT, Goldmaster V/SAT metal detector elliptical search coils..


White's 6"x10" MX Sport DD Coil

White's 6"x10" DD MX Sport Coil Light, deep, and waterproof! This waterproof elliptical search coil is tuned for MX Sport, with ..


White's 9" Spider Coil Cover

White's 9" Spider Coil Cover Coil cover to fit the 9" Spider concentric coil...


White's 9" Spider Eclipse Coil

White's 9" Spider Eclipse Coil Works with MX5, M6, MXT, DFX, Vx3, V3i. Better trash separation compared to larger search coils, bet..


White's 9.5" Eclipse Search Coil

White's 9.5" Eclipse Coil This Eclipse 9.5" High-Performance multi-harmonic search coil is standard equipment on most DFX/MXT/M..


White's 9.5" MX Sport Coil

9.5" Coil for White's MX Sport This fully waterproof concentric coil is tuned for MX Sport, with waterproof connector..


White's 950 Coil Cover

White's 950 Coil Cover Coil cover to fit the 950 (9.5")  coil (new design)..


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